Jane Spratt

I went to Sue with intense neck/shoulder pain radiating into my arm. Sue was caring,patient and thorough on each occasion i had a treatment. After a couple of treatments I was much more mobile, driving again and the pain much less. I only needed a couple more sessions before the pain had gone and my mobility back to normal. I would thoroughly recommend Sue and will certainly go to her again if I have any other aches and pains. Thanks Sue for all your help…….


Julie Nesbitt

I was waking in pain with tennis elbows I started going to see Sue November 2018 and now I have hardly any pain at all. Sue is a lovely gentle caring person I have lots of other medical problems so Sue will work through them for me this year. I highly recommend Sue


Debbie Demir

Sue – thank you so much for sorting my sons migraines … how lucky was he that it worked so quick ?? you are a star – see you soon … I will be along soon for an MOT for my self


Amy Stratton Jones

Sue really helped me when my neck went into spasm. A couple of treatments and I was right as rain again!


Linsdey Murphy

I really cannot thank you enough !!. I had been suffering with tennis elbow for months.

Nothing from the doctor helped ,so coming to see you was the very best decision I could have made.

Just THREE treatments and the pain has gone !!!

Its a shame that so many doctors do not suggest acupuncture to patients how have been or are suffering pain, I have every faith in it.